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We are participating in a continuum that forms the unknown future, a place and time where we will not exist. As a maker of handmade things, I inevitably consider that many of the objects I make, of glass and of metal, could occupy space on our planet long after my physical identity evaporates. If memories reside within objects, will the objects I've made act as an analog record of me, or this era? I look to find the embedded evidence of a history, of a life, of a place, of a tradition, of a practice, of use, and of knowledge within handmade objects. I recognize these types of objects to be physical, visual, and tactile remnants of the energy that made them. Thinking about my participation in this continuum, helps me bridge the gap of time between then and now as well as cultural gaps between that person and myself. In light of this energy's longevity I endeavor to create well made, thoughtfully considered objects that contribute to the collective memory of the handcrafted in hopes that they may participate within the space of the unknowable future.

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